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Be Good. Be Kind.

Our name, Good Neighbor Shirt Co., originated from countless conversations between my wife and I trying to condense what this business meant to us, and what we hoped it would mean to others. After much thought, we landed on Good Neighbor, because to us, our motive is just that: being a good neighbor.

Being neighborly, being kind to one another, and lending a hand; that is our culture and the culture we want to create in our community. We all come from different backgrounds, stories, opinions, experiences, however one thing we have in common is the ability to “Be Good, Be Kind.” Having the ability and opportunity to do what we love, all while assisting others fulfill their visions and help with their success is nothing short of incredible and we certainly don’t take it for granted.

We love and welcome any and all people with authentic visions, and we accept small and large batch orders to accommodate your needs.

We are truly looking forward to working with you on your next merchandise project. We can’t wait to have the opportunity to partner with one another and create something great.


- Ian & Brie Simmons

   Owners & Founders

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