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Customer satisfaction is our top priority.  We believe that everyone deserves high quality apparel & merchandise.

We enjoy working on small batch orders, as well as large volume orders, and we care about every single piece.


At the heart of Good Neighbor is screen printing.  All print work is done by hand*, as we truly respect the skill & craftsmanship behind the technique.  We set our standards high and price accordingly. 

This is a fast-paced world, but product quality and customer care should never be sacrificed.

Whether you're a small business looking for merchandise to promote your brand, an artist with a vision, a startup clothing line, or a local organization looking to make a difference we'd love to work together and create something meaningful that your customer will want to wear. 

*Order volume and turnaround requirements may require use of an automatic printing press*


With extensive knowledge in the apparel and promotional merchandise industry we are here to help find the right product for your next project.

Screen Print

We pride ourselves in our screen print work. Everything is done by hand with great attention to detail, customer satisfaction guaranteed. For more information on our screen printing service please see below.

*We DO NOT print on 100% polyester fabric*

Our in house embroidery is owned & operated by Kate Martin of Ease Embroidery. She offers embroidery on a wide variety of items including hats, bags, socks, sweatshirts, and more.


Contact her today for your embroidery needs!

Behind the Investment

Screen printing is one of the most common techniques for printing garments and other accessories in the merchandise industry. However, it's a labor intensive process that takes great skill and attention to detail, if you do it correctly. 

Many shops provide a pricing list based off of a few factors: order quantity, number of print locations, and number of print colors. It's always a great idea for customers to shop around and review pricing sheets to ensure that they are getting the best deal. However, it's very likely that the most cost effective printer may not yield the best quality of work. It's important to remember that in this industry you truly get what you pay for.

Investment Breakdown:


Garment Cost + Setup Cost + Print Cost + Shipping Cost


= Your Total Cost

Why do we charge a setup fee? Setting up for a screen print job requires a screen (stencil) for each color in the design, and setting up just one screen is at least a 6-step process. This process takes time (about 6-12 hours per screen depending on the equipment the screen printer has on hand) and requires the use of consumable materials so that the screens can be reclaimed for future jobs.

Is the print cost affected by the garment type? The short answer is, yes.  At Good Neighbor we charge slightly more to print on sweatshirts/fleece items than we do on t-shirts/long sleeves because sweatshirts and fleece are a little trickier to print and require the use of a special adhesive to keep the garment from moving on press and ruining the print.  We don't cut corners when it comes to printing on a variety of garment types.

The Bigger Picture 

At Good Neighbor our pricing is reflective of the high quality products we use in the printing process, as well as the level of attention we put into every single print. We know that we are not the cheapest, but we're confident you'll find our prices reflect the craftsmanship that goes into your order. We use top-of-the line inks, we are diligent about our quality, and most importantly everything is printed by hand right here in Kansas City. Printing by hand allows us to print every single piece with care and unmatched quality control.

Executing your vision is our top priority. We take your wants and needs seriously and do not take for granted being able to provide you with printed merchandise that promotes you and your brand.

If you'd like to work with us on your next merchandise project please fill out the form below and we'll be in touch!


We're Really looking forward to hearing from you and learning about your next custom Merchandise project. 

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